Switches and Sensors, Inc.
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SSI manufactures linear electromechanical switches and sensors for diverse industries and applications. Our products include continuous switches, sensing edges, and custom designs.

Our switches are constructed from a precisely formulated alloy which undergoes further special processing to tailor its mechanical and electrical characteristics. The result is a highly-consistent and repeatable switching action, together with an extremely long mechanical life expectancy.

Switches and Sensors, Inc.
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Industry Applications
Medical Military Transportation Theatrical Manufacturing
Switches and Sensors, Inc. is a manufacturer of unique switching products that are used in a broad range of applications. In fact, wherever there is the need for a switch closure in an unconventional configuration, you may find a Switches and Sensors product that fills that need. Whether the setting is medical, industrial, or military, in the theater or the transportation business, our products can be found solving switching and detection problems.

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